Financial Sense

T Schultz

28 Nov 2014

When our 150Lt electric geyser started leaking one day from the outside pipe, we notified our insurance company, they then sent out an inspector to confirm that an insurance claim could be raised for the damaged electric geyser.

It was at this time I rembered speaking to Richard from WaterLite, who had chatted to us before about their locally manufactured range of WaterLite Solar Geyser.

We called & had a discussion with Richard as to what the next step would be in purchasing a unit after he worked out our estimated hot water usage times, he recommended a 200Lt Unit rather than 150Lt.

He explained that the greater volume of the water would lead to greater electrical savings and a shorter payback period on the system.

With the payout from insurance and the Local Eskom Rebate of R6132 deducted for installing the WaterLite system, it made perfect sense financially to install a WaterLite solar geyser.

We are extremely happy that we went with a 200Lt WaterLite Solar Geyser, the installation was complete in 1day and by the time we got home in the evening we could both have a hot shower.

From the time the system was installed (19 Aug 2014) till my last account (20 October 2014) we have noticed a huge saving of roughly 50% on our electrical bill.

With the current savings, my system will have paid for itself within 2 years.

“With the current savings, my system will have paid for itself within 2 years.”