H20 Lite System

Multiple glass open, uncluttered, collector tubes connect directly into heat exchanger ensuring maximum efficiency. No possibility of pump failure and consequential system failure.   

Consistent superior thermal performance inside and outside the test laboratory. Energy saving is not compromised by lengthy connecting pipes or transfer fluid. Output quantifiable and guaranteed.

No need to reduce water flow rate, as our storage cylinder is the full volume indicated and not a “push through” type system. 

Aluminum purpose made corrosion and maintenance free support structure and stainless tank. No possibility of ugly rust marks on the roof in future.

No moving parts. No pump failure possible.  No topping up of heat transfer medium. Our heat transfer medium is inexpensive water. No scaling on heat pipes. Limited maintenance and known system performance.

Roof mounted stainless steel storage tanks eliminate any possible consequential internal damage due to unlikely tank failure. This should reduce insurance premiums.

Open glass tubes are open, without any heat-pipes or other interference. Open tubes ensure consistent performance from the in-house production line or manufacture to many years after installation. No question of some tubes performing better than others or not performing at all.

No danger of scaling on copper or need for maintenance replacement components.

Freezing is normally prevented by using a degradable anti freeze heat transfer fluid. Our system uses water which is automatically replenished, enabling consistent, optimum system performance. We do not have to add any heat transfer fluid as part of our maintenance program.

Locally manufactured 444 stainless steel jacket and storage tank using South African labour

Electrical back up element and T&P valves are common to many thousand existing geysers in S.A. They are understood by all plumbers and currently available at the local hardware store.

WaterLite Solar Geysers are indirect systems so that they can be sold all over South Africa. Direct & not freeze resistant systems can only be sold in frost free areas, as can be seen from the map below this is a very small percentage of the country.

WaterLite high pressure systems (400 kPa) are unique to South Africa and underwritten by MaxLite, a 25 year old South African company.

ZA Patent No: 2010/07967

Basic and uncomplicated thermosiphon system. As hot water rises, nature’s heat automatically circulates the water. All WaterLite systems are installed according to SABS & SANS guidlines (click on the Link below to view the guidelines we install by)